Past Events

2016 Club Singles and Doubles Competitions

Congratulation to all the winners and runners-up of this year's Club Singles and Doubles Competitions.

Women's Singles Champion:  Winner:  Luz Van Hemmen     Runner-Up:  Barbara Jones

Women's Double Champion:  Winner:  Barbara Jones and Elena Bunin    Runner-Up:  Luz Van Hemmen and Angelina Cannizzarro

Women's Encouragement Award Winner:  Barbara Jones

Men's Singles Champion:  Winner: Giancarlo Canetto     Runner-Up:  Neil Parlato

Men's Double Champion:  Winner:  Domenico Cannizzarro     Runner-Up:  Peter Van Hemmen and Peter Bunin

Men's Encouragement Award Winner:  Peter Van Hemmen                                                 

2016 Lu Sartor Competition

It was a great day last 16 Oct. 2016 for Lu Sartor Competition.  Three teams won 4 games each and loss 1 game, but the team of Italo Di Marchi, Isabella Bukarica and Beppi Prevedello had more points than the other teams, it was a close games.  Winning team proved that there is no winning without hard work.  Congratulations to the winning team.

2016 Tony Rosa Cup Competition

We had another magnificent Tony Rosa Cup competition game last Sunday, 24th July.  It doesn't take strength to win.  It takes the true heart of the team to win.  That's what Barbara Jones, Maria Parlato and Luz Van Hemmen's team had, by winning all their games last Sunday.  Congratulation to the team.

2016 Fred De Campo Cup Competition

Fred De Campo Cup Competition was held last Sunday, 19th June and it was another successful competition enjoyed by all. Congratulations to Liliana Lamonaca, Nevia Dekuc and Luz Van Hemmen's team, they said you can't put a limit on anything.  The more you dream, the farther you get that's why they won all their games

Congratulations on another milestone in sports!

2016 IPCQ Cup Competition

Another exhilarating and well attended IPCQ competition was held last 22 May in Redlands Bocce Club. Barbara Jones, Elena Bunin and Luz Van Hemmen from Redlands team captured the first place by winning 4 games out of 5.  They had proven that talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.  Also congratulations to Newmarket teams who won the 2nd and 3rd place.

 Looking forward to another good and successful IPCQ Cup Competition next year!!!


Our Junior team bagged top awards in the recently concluded 2016 Junior National Championships in Melbourne under the supervision of coach Anthony Parlato.  The winners are:  Lio Lemana Pakau and Marco Bunin - 1st place in doubles;  Lio and Marco - 1st and 2nd place in Rapid Throw respectively;  Carlo Bunin, Marco and Lio who won the 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place in Precision Throw;  Lio and Marco won 2nd place in the Rapid Relay Doubles;  Lio won 2nd place in the Single game and in the Bowl Throw.  Carlo Bunin won the Encouragement Award.

 Well Done Boys!!!


On behalf of Redland Bocce Club, we are pleased to announce its new slate of officers which has been elected last 21 February 2016. Heading-up the list of officers is Barbara Jones as President, Fred deCampo will serve as Vice-President, Luz Van Hemmen has been named as Secretary, Peter VanHemmen will serve as Treasurer, Neil Parlato as Bocce Delegate & Team Captain and Elena Bunin, Giancarlo Canetto and Vittorio Deluca as Committee Members. 

We assure each and everyone that our new team will work hard to achieve success and to better serve the club and its members. We do not believe in taking the right decision, we take a decision and make it right.

Australian Bocce Championships 2014 

The 2014 Seniors Australian Bocce Championships held for the first time in a regional city were a great success attracting 13 men’s teams and 10 women’s teams across Australia. The McLaren Vale Bocce Club set in the picturesque premier wine growing region of South Australia proved a great venue for this annual sporting event.

To our pride and honour big congratulations to our Queensland team from Redlands who won 2014  Women's Champion Team trophy,  Women's Double Title won by Barbara Jones and Luz van Hemmen,  Women's Triple Title won by Barbara Jones, Luz van Hemmen and Elena Bunin.  Women's Bowl Throw won by Barbara Jones, in Women's Single Barbara Jones won Second Runner-Up.  Women's team want to thank their coach Maria Parlato who gave her heart and soul in helping her team to glory.

The supremacy of Australia’s first lady of bocce – Barbara Jones was awarded the tournament’s Best and Fairest Award for her overall achievements.

During the presentation dinner, the Bocce Federation of Australia awarded Barbara Jones the Australian Bocce Athlete of the year – celebrating 20 yrs. of consecutive Australian Bocce competition.

Lastly, congratulations to our Queensland Junior team Marco Bunin, Peter Splatt teamed up with NSW player Daniel Samsa who represented  National Australia/ Under 25 and were coach by Peter Topatig, they were quarter finalists for the Singles and Doubles and were semi-finalists in the Triples.  Daniel competed in the final for the Rapid Throw.

Well Done Queensland !!!